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Kevin Bratch - Finished the Jordan documentary last night

Kevin Bratch finished the Jordan documentary last night and all I can say is wow! That was awesome and it shed so much light on parts of his life and career I had no idea about.

Kevin Bratch

During Jordans 90s dominance I was a teen and a die-hard Laker fan. I never liked Jordan and would always down play what he did cause he completely dominated and my Lakers were not very good during that era.

Maybe I was a hater, but now that I'm older I can appreciate all the accomplishments and the impressive near impossible things he did.

He truly is the GOAT and getting that glimpse into his life via the @thelastdancenetflix documentary displays just that.

Kobe was my favorite basketball player of all time and to watch that one episode with Kobe on learning from Jordan was something real special.

Sometimes in life we overlook or do not appreciate the greatness someone is doing or striving for. There clearly is a lot of sacrifice and dedication that goes into reaching high levels of success and giving those props where props is due is important. You can only achieve greatness by learning from the GOATS and as you can see in this pic you got a young Kobe getting advice from Jordan.

Find your 'Jordan' in your life that you can learn from.

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